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Tooling Specialties:

 Progressive Dies

 Deep Draw Dies

 Coining Dies

 Trim Dies
 Form Dies
 Injection Molds
Replacement Mold Components
Replacement OEM Components


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Precision Tooling

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Pushing the Envelope of Tooling Design

Whether it's a basic, single-level tools, complex ultra precision progressive dies, or OEM die components, Jentech will satisfy all your tooling requirements.

At Jentech , we're known for innovative tool designs, meeting the highest quality standards, on-time delivery, and getting the job done right. All tooling is built in-house, this means you get the highest possible quality, without any costly markups or delays.

Our Engineers consistently research state of the art die concepts and manufacturing techniques and apply them to our tooling and stamping methodologies, assuring that you receive the most advanced and cost competitive tooling available.

Every Die Jentech manufactures undergoes a comprehensive review and  is fully tested in our manufacturing facilities, so you are assured of receiving a tool that will immediately produce quality metal stampings and molded components. 

Contact Jentech today to see how our tooling expertise can benefit your Global Supply Chain and reduce your total product cost.


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Jentech is a multinational component supplier of precision metal stampings, injection molding and assemblies for the medical, consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, appliance, and micro electronic markets. Specialized in precision metal stamping of  thermal solutions, lead frames, coining, cold forging, progressive tooling, deep draws, tool and die, SMT LED, progressive stamping and assembly. With manufacturing locations in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and support locations in the United States and Hong Kong.