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Quality Commitment


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"We are committed to providing our customers
 with the highest levels of quality and service through technology, state of the art equipment, and the continuous improvement philosophy."

At Jentech we are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services.  All our employees understand the importance of "zero defects" and strive to achieve this goal on a daily basis.  Total quality is assured during all phases of manufacturing through the development of robust processes, and ongoing in-process monitors.


Driven by ISO9000 standards, Jentech's commitment to high quality manufacturing is evident throughout the company. Jentech's Quality Assurance Department applies statistical analysis, process control and other adaptable systems to maintain the highest quality standards. From raw materials, through manufacturing, to packaging and finished product, Jentech's Quality Assurance Department ensures that the customer's expectations are met.

Jentech is committed to using ISO9000 registered suppliers to assure procurement of the highest quality products and services.  All our facilities incorporate receiving inspection areas where purchased products are reviewed prior to release for production.  

Continuous improvement is a never ending process at Jentech.  We strive to better ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers through Advanced Product Quality Planning, supplier management and simultaneous engineering activities.


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Metal Stamping Supplier

Jentech is a multinational component supplier of precision metal stampings, injection molding and assemblies for the medical, consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, appliance, and micro electronic markets. Specialized in precision metal stamping of  thermal solutions, lead frames, coining, cold forging, progressive tooling, deep draws, tool and die, SMT LED, progressive stamping and assembly. With manufacturing locations in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and support locations in the United States and Hong Kong.