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About Jentech

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"Shortening the Supply Chain"


Jentech is a world leader in the delivery of innovative manufacturing services. For over 30 years Jentech has been a trusted partner to nearly all of the worlds leading O.E.M.'s. 


 From Cell Phones and Computers, to DVD Players, or Light Bulbs, chances are you already own products with Components, and Assemblies from Jentech.


The ability to solve technical challenges is Jentech's greatest strength. Unrivalled in quality and technology, Jentech is an industry leader in providing high volume solutions. 


Jentech's expanding global footprint, commitment to aggressive pricing, and responsive customer support, provides our customers the competitive advantage.


Let Jentech show you how we can reduce your total cost of ownership and shorten your global supply chain.





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Metal Stamping Supplier

Jentech is a multinational component supplier of precision metal stampings, injection molding and assemblies for the medical, consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, appliance, and micro electronic markets. Specialized in precision metal stamping of  thermal solutions, lead frames, coining, cold forging, progressive tooling, deep draws, tool and die, SMT LED, progressive stamping and assembly. With manufacturing locations in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and support locations in the United States and Hong Kong.